Zuckerberg Takes a Bite Out of Apple

Author: Laurie Borland
Published: March 07, 2012 at 11:21 am
If you take the word apple and slice it in half, you get the word app.  Yesterday, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, took a new liking to an app, called Friendsheet, that again will change the reflection of Facebook in your eyes. His liking came on the eve of Apples big announcement event,where they launched a third generation iPad and a new Apple TV product.
Many of us have taken a liking to Pinterest.  It's a neat bundle of ideas and inspirations in the form of pictures organized in a fashion that allows for quick visual browsing and additional filtering on the users end.

The Friendsheet App takes your photos and displays them in the Pinterest fashion.   As one user said, "Love it. A faster glance. Like the visual follow. Improvement to the slow feed and filters...nice."

Newsfeed is good for stories, but this new "Pinterest-like"  app gives your pictures a quick, new panoramic view. 

Some Facebook users continue to "dislike" changes to their beloved Facebook, but Facebook will continue to be a reflection of change, day in and day out, whether the user can see it or not.  I chose not to say whether the user likes it or not because the purpose of change is to improve the user experience, just realize the word "user" is all encompassing.  There will always be those that resist change, and always those that pave the way.  Who doesn't want to take advantage of someone's hard work that gives you an advantage?

This change, once again, puts more added value to the Facebook experience.  It's more pleasing to the eye.  It's more pleasing to my, what always seems to be lack there of, time. Friendsheet allows you to quickly scan the pics that are happening in the lives of you and your friends.


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