Amazon Offers Video Conversion Over The Cloud

Author: Rahul Manekari
Published: February 01, 2013 at 9:36 am

Amazon has made the public availability of a new video conversion service "Amazon Elastic Transcoder" which can be used for conversion and distribution of a video viewable on multiple devices. As cloud has been proven to be the best for hosting any kind of data, Amazon has taken the serious steps to provide almost any kind of heavy data which can be seamlessly integrated to the cloud and can be streamed to any mobile or handheld devices.

Amazons video conversion feature is new to the world while Microsoft is ruling the cloud with its Windows Azure "Media Services". Windows Azure has more flexibility of handling any kind of media formats. Instead of just Video conversion, Windows Azure also provides more features like content protection, On demand and Live Streaming.

The working of Elastic Transcoder - image source : engadget

Amazon Elastic Transcoder is still in beta and can be used on Macs, PCs, tablets, and Apple iPhone and Android smartphones. It offers a very handy feature and GUI for conversion where users can convert their video in their desired format in just couple of clicks. Elastic Transcoder uses the Transcoder Pipeline queue that connects to the conversion engine and generated the output to the desired device platform.

"You can easily get started by using the AWS Management Console or the API. System transcoding presets make it easy to get transcoding settings right the first time for popular devices and formats," - AWS website. A business with an app on the cloud platform, was used to operate on Windows Azure, but after the launch of AWS Elastic Transcoder they decided to move to AWS. "Windows Azure is better solution for Windows Platform and .NET, but AWS has wide range of platform including linux distribution and various languages support." -

"Content producers no longer need to worry about encoding multiple versions of their media to suit the growing number of devices viewers might be using. Instead, each transcoding session is performed in the cloud," Chris Davies on the technology and gadget site Slashgear.

Users can get started with the Elastic Transcoder at the AWS management portal.


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