Clipix Launches Email Clipping

Author: Adi Gaskell
Published: February 23, 2013 at 6:53 am


Digital content organizer Clipix announced a new bookmarking service this week.  The Clipix bookmarking product helps you to organize links, documents, photos and other multimedia.

The company announced to TechCrunch that they have added email to its repertoire of supported formats.  This means that users can now forward their emails to a private Clipix address to help organize their messages and revisit them from any device and location.

Clipix, which launched in May 2012, has also been busy improving its mobile capabilities, earlier this month releasing updated iOS and Android apps to better streamline the service across its mobile and web platforms.

Clipix Founder and CEO Oded Berkowitz said the addition of the email clipping feature was an organic expansion of the platform’s services and comes after increasing demand from users in 148 countries.

He told TechCrunch that many users have “requested the ability to clip emails just as simply as they can clip links, videos, documents and photos. The new feature solves a problem most individuals face each day, and saving emails in a safe location is as easy as forwarding it to a private Clipix folder.”

“Over the past 9 months the Clipix team has developed a number of unique solutions for users who need a tool to help them be organized online and easily collaborate with others as needed,” said Berkowitz.

The one drawback to the service seems to be that once the email has been stored within Clipix, it's no longer possible to respond to it.  This is because the service automatically converts emails into a PDF file.

The company does say that improvements to this are in the pipeline, however, so it's a case of watching this space.


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