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Cloud Computing Moves Into Next Stage with Some Great Offers

Author: David Amerland
Published: February 27, 2012 at 11:45 am

The signal that Cloud Computing is maturing comes from the latest spate of storage space offers.

Cloud ComputingWe are not new to this development curve. Computers first started out as mainframes hidden behind walls and inside huge glass cages, before they became little grey boxes which placed computing power at the fingertips of their users on a personal level,graduating to intensely personal devices like laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones, now used for work and entertainment alike.

The cloud is now in a similar stage of development. We have gone from relatively limited information stored on company servers and accessed through uniquely secure routes, to a world where data can be stored at will, updated automatically and accessed from anywhere. Like in the computers development curve the revolution here is driven by the same twin forces: competition and innovation, and it is having the same result, namely an acceleration of development and some pretty cool free stuff thrown in.

The concerns with cloud computing are mainly centred around security accessibility and cost. These are questions which some of the biggest names in the industry are answering with the assurance of their brand, data-syncing capabilities and free stuff. Lots of free stuff.

Dropbox first started the recent disrupt by offering HTC One users 25GB of free Dropbox space for two years. Dropbox’s auto-sync feature has made it popular with many early Cloud adopters and this, new increase in free storage (which unfortunately does not include auto-syncing) is aimed squarely at maintaining their loyalty, and for good reason.

Competition is hot on Dropbox’s heels with Google and Microsoft, both planning cloud services revolving around their existing core products. With Google it’s close integration to its existing online suite of document and presentation processing tools while Microsoft, who already has experience in the cloud thanks to its free online storage space SkyDrive, is now looking to merge that with Mesh to create a platform that will automaticallt sync all your important files to the cloud and then sync them to your device. The catch? It comes tied with Windows 8, Microsoft’s brand new OS which will be out sometime towards the end of the year according to the reports.

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