Commoditizing Cloud-based Service Niches Opens the Door to Effective Collaboration

Author: Lisa Stephens
Published: March 02, 2012 at 1:55 pm

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The era of cloud computing clearly identifies the need and the approach to better regulatory customization for industry specifics and for flawless remedy of occupational interpretation. Huh?

IOW (in other words), our new paradigm of cloud computing ushers in expedient and necessary employment classification, so that every available workspace is precisely and accurately administered, both for governmental health, safety and security standards, and for portioning out business-level employment opportunity and keeping every employable American citizen safely, accurately, and happily, employed.

Standards for these industry-based, cloud-space, work-inspired 'colonies' increase with political observation. We have every available political or governmental avenue queued as a result of worldwide economic stress, and from the successful rejection of a regime of tyranny... a decade of squandered assets in lieu of a military threshold accessed by necessarily extreme political privilege.

As has been in the news most recently, the financial services industry provides an immediate area for critical internet, social media, investor and investment performance acceptability protocol. These can initiate standards for altruistic professional inclination.

Communication increases practicality

"Ultimately, if there is a cloud that better suits a customer from a business perspective, that can be a much more attractive option than something that's generic and has not been customized for their particular industry," communicates Matthew Lodge, Senior Director of Cloud Services for VMware.

Communication is key to commoditizing all identified areas for involvement of disparate resources, functionality, and collaborative input, thereby, enhancing the orchestrated introduction of corresponding affiliated paths and industry-defined specifics, where these specifics are promoted as required in order to exist and prosper. Huh?

The colonization of cloud-based service identitities, customizes industry 'standards' ...IOW.


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