Corporate Sabotage Brings Partnership to an End

Author: Lisa Stephens
Published: February 21, 2012 at 1:58 pm

The law firm of Elliott Greenleaf, & Siedzikowski, with offices in Pennsylvania and Delaware, is seeking restitution for a potential threat to their efforts in keeping some of their firm's client files secure.

Attorney Mark Kearney working in conjunction with other firm members earlier this month, filed a motion for injunctive relief, seeking to recover data which it claims had been compromised by the alleged removal of certain of its client files related to tax lien sales in Pennsylvania, with potential threat to the firm's client accountability.

The complaint states that former Harrisburg office managing shareholder, William R. Balaban, and two of his associates abruptly quit their positions with the firm over the course of two days on January 31st, and February 1st of this year, and that the three former firm attorney representatives removed client and proprietary information related to the firm's activities with that office's clients.

Attorney Kearney says the firm was shocked by Mr. Balaban's sudden departure, and that Mr. Balaban is a former multi-year director and officer of the firm's Harrisburg office which coincidentally, is located in a building leased back to the firm, and which is owned by Attorney Balaban.

While the firm had access to the building, they were allegedly prevented from entry of the offices of Attorney Balaban, which prohibited access to data-protected, computer-stored intellectual interests for the firm's client-base.

The firm has sued Balaban and his new employer firm, Stevens & Lee, for unfair competition, and has sued Attorney Balaban for tortious interference with present and prospective business relationships.

Attorney Kearney says a hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Timothy J. Savage ruled the firm's cloud should be made accessible to them, and that Elliott Greenleaf should have its computers back. He also claims that an injunction motion had not been ruled on yet.

Espionage and intrigue in Scranton... jk.

Partnerships, especially those requiring ethical observance to the legal process, are like marriage, commitment to the greater good and adherence to the highest authority are key endeavors to success.

So brings my four day hiatus to an end... let it not be said that I am disinclined to consider cautious observance to the obligatory suggestion of deference to the holiday invested with the idea of successful ambition.


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