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Author: Geoff Simon
Published: March 20, 2012 at 9:28 pm

Anyone who has used an online storage service such as Dropbox,, SugarSync or anything else realizes how powerful it is to be able to access forgotten powerpoint presentations, sales materials or other important documents on the fly. These are excellent options for many users, and many people do use them, but what happens when you find out that the storage service you decided on doesn’t have an app for android, or doesn’t sync with your PC or Mac? What if there is no Mac version?

This is where online document management portals come in. SurDoc, a company out of Menlo Park, CA. just announced commercial availability of their application independent platform for sharing documents and files. The service enables users to do everything that you would think of when it comes to online storage – uploading, downloading, sharing, editing and even signing. The difference lies in the accessibility of data, you don’t need an app to be able to utilize the SurDoc offering, it’s completely app and platform independent.  

Sharing Made Possible by Global Document Standards

The sharing capabilities are made possible by a global document processing standard developed by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) called Unstructured Operation Markup Language or UOML for short. This allows SurDoc to serve a document with the same ‘look and feel’ of the original regardless of the hardware they are using to access the data. To date, SurDoc is the only company that offers this type of app independent solution centered around the UOML standard.

According to Suzanne Duris, Director of Marketing for SurDoc, “More Internet users are accessing the Internet through mobile devices than through any other means.” While this might be speculation, the numbers are not that far off. In fact, according to Internet analyst Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley, mobile Internet will surpass desktop Internet in just the next 5 years. While companies who already have applications specific to their service try and update software with each new technology, those who are using open standards such as UOML would be in a better position to service the growing mobile/tablet user base.

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