RightSignature Announces Google Drive Integration

Author: Geoff Simon
Published: May 31, 2012 at 5:21 pm

Part of Googles plan for Chromebook revolves around getting businesses to adopt the devices for enterprise and small business use. Part of this plan seems to be forming unique partnerships with 3rd party application providers that add value to business users. The latest partnership with RightSignature, a company that provides, "an elegant, fast, and intuitive way to get documents completed and signed online," according to the announcement, is just the latest. Several advantages come to mind, Real Estate, Lawyers, Contracts just to name a few industries that might want to give Chromebooks another look.

Since Google announced integration of GDrive to the Chrome OS, it solved the local storage problem expressed by businesses who couldn't make the switch because of the Chrome OS's inability to save files locally. With Google Drive integration it takes this out as a barrier for small businesses and enterprises to adopt Chomebooks company-wide, or even just for specific divisions who could benefit from the unique benefits, like the ability to sign documents electronically and enter in to legally binding contracts. According to Google Drive Product Manager, Scott Johnson, "Well effectively integrate Google Drive into the native file system of Chrome OS. All the core OS functionality will use Google Drive as a place to store data - if that's what you opt in to."

Having taken away the local storage problem, Google is taking it a step further by enhancing Google Drive with business specific applications like RightSignature, as well as VMware's SlideRocket, an online service for making presentations similar to Powerpoint. In an interview in a Wired article, Chuck Dietrich, who oversees SlideRocket  at VMware said, "The appeal of GDrive is that you can open files directly from the service. When you open a document, you can immediately start editing." Lets also remember that GDrive makes your documents, images and other content available from multiple devices, from anywhere with an Internet of data connection, in case that wasn't already obvious. 

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