Younity Launches Beta Version of Personal Cloud Service

Author: Geoff Simon
Published: December 04, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Santa Monica based younity announced today the beta launch of it's unique personal cloud storage service designed to eliminate device to computer syncing and storage limitations for iPhones and iPads. Today marks the public beta launch of the app, which allows iPhone and iPad users to access all their music, videos, photos and other files from all laptops, desktops without any plugin, plugging in or syncing. Younity Personal Cloud Storage

The service also removes storage limitations by not actually storing any of your files online, but instead works by providing a single file system across all devices where younity is installed (either Macs or PCs). Once installed, Younity indexes all your photos, documents, videos and music and represents it as a single file system. So what it allows for, is your machines, whether it's a Mac or PC to stream the files directly to your iOS device from where they're at, not by syncing it to a online cloud.

“younity seeks to revolutionize the relationship between people, data and devices. Our vision is to create a way for all your devices to work as if they are a single device,” said Erik Caso, CEO at Entangled Media, who devloped the Younity app. “With an average of more than three Internet-enabled devices per person, users generally don’t want to be forced to use one device or another, they just care about accessing the files. Let’s say you have a PC at the office and a Mac at home, younity allows you to seamlessly access any file you want on-the-go, including music, photos, videos and word documents, via your iPhone, iPad or iPod.”

According to younity estimates, people have roughly 1 terabyte of files per person across all computers and mobile devices. This number is also poised to grow as people add devices, and pictures and videos start taking up more space due to increased resolution. These numbers are good for younity, who say storing this much data in the cloud would be cost prohibitive for most people. Not to mention the fact that people just don't remember to sync devices, or want to.

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