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An iPad Killer? Microsoft's Monday Unveil Will Likely Lack Mojo, Unless...

Author: Steve Woods
Published: June 14, 2012 at 10:02 pm

The notices are already arriving at tech sites, like little Willy Wonka grams. The words on them are quite enticing, encouraging them to come hither, to a Monday afternoon Microsoft big reveal...

"This will be a major Microsoft announcement — you will not want to miss it."

The rumors are reaching a peak already, which is what I'm sure the Redmond, Washington company wanted. Everyone wants to know what Microsoft will reveal. So where are all the rumor rabbit holes leading? Citing a highly reliable "insider", tech site The Wrap says the new big Microsoft thing is a tablet, a veritable iPad killer.

Scant details are beginning to peek from between the seams of Microsoft's tight-lipped security apparatus, including that the new device will run Windows RT, a mobilized version of Windows 8. If true, this is sad news indeed, because I'm tired of devices that are scaled down versions of the machines I fell in love (or have a well-worn, begrudging relationship) with.

To build a different version of the flavor Apple has been offering for years now won't be an iPad killer. In fact, it might only make a dent in the explosive tablet market. How can Microsoft kick in the doors and slap Apple across a surprised face?

Here's a few hints...

The Price

The local Best Buy recently lightened my wallet by a cool grand in order to fully load up my fiance with the new iPad, warranty, covers and screen protector. Hefting over that chunk of change, sadly, caused me to pass up on one for myself, for now.

Can we please have a Microsoft Tablet out of the box for less than $300, fully loaded - and keep it maxed out around there? At that price, it would shine when families are considering their next computer.

Because I work in the field of educational technology, I've watched school administrators painfully pass on the iPad because it's difficult to convince the board to spend twice what they would on a decent tower/monitor/keyboard/mouse combination. A separate, bare-bones version of a new Windows tablet, priced at $100 would absolutely revolutionize how technology is used in the American classroom. Dude, it would take a cool decade for a competitor to get a toehold back in that market.

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