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Apple #1 in Enterprise with Smartphones & Tablets

Author: Ed Valdez
Published: November 17, 2011 at 11:57 am

Apple logoApple iPhone users now exceed RIM Blackberry users among global mobile workers, according to the Q4 2011 iPass Mobile Workforce Report released this week. With the increased penetration of tablets in the workplace, Apple dominates with the iPad having nearly a 7X advantage over the next best alternative – the Samsung Galaxy. This quarter’s iPass report is based on 2,300 survey responses at over 1,100 enterprises worldwide.

The graph below shows that the number of mobile workers now using the iPhone increased from 31% in 2010 to 45% market share in 2011. Although the Blackberry share declined only 3%, Android posted the second fastest gain from 11.3% share in 2010 to 21.3% in 2011. Looking ahead to 2012, survey respondents were 50% more likely to purchase or receive an iPhone than an Android smartphone for use within their companies.


Smartphones in the Enterprise


Although tablets continue to proliferate throughout the workplace with 44% of mobile employees using one, the vast majority (77%) of tablets are purchased and paid for by employees. The survey projects that Apple will still have nearly a 5X advantage relative to the Samsung Galaxy in 2012. As more tablet entrants crowd the market next year, Amazon, Windows and others are poised to make a bigger dent in market share than they are projected to accomplish in 2011 (see graph below, courtesy of iPass Inc.)


Tablets in the Enterprise


The iPass Report also included a few mobile worker lifestyle results from the 4Q Survey:


  • As many as 52% of mobile workers would be emotionally affected in an adverse way (disoriented, distraught, lonely or ill) if they went without their smartphones for one week;
  • 23% of mobile workers don’t sleep enough (less than six hours per night);
  • 56% of respondents exercise erratically or not at all with most of those citing work as the top reason why they didn’t get as much exercise as they should (the Mayo Clinic recommends 75 to 150 minutes of exercise per week); and
  • 44% of workers noted that business travel negatively affects their health.

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