Givit iPhone App Streamlines Mobile Video Editing

Author: Curtis Silver
Published: October 02, 2012 at 4:33 am

From the ashes of the Flip camera rises the creator of the video sharing technology behind it - Givit. Their new iPhone application, announced and released today, looks to advance the world of video sharing through a streamlined and easy to use video editing process that cuts out all the boring stuff. The Givit app will enable users to select the best video out of what they just shot, create a highlight clip and instantly share across their networks, privately or publicly.

“The social video category needs a simple solution to make creation and sharing easy,” said Greg Kostello, CEO and Founder of Givit. “We’ve rejected complexity for only the most useful video effects and controls people will want, giving them real power over their video to make it great. Rebuilt from the ground up, Givit replaces complex ‘editing’ controls with intuitive touch gestures that let users start sharing video worth sharing in just minutes.”

The reality is that most of the mobile video we shoot is waiting for something to happen. When that something does happen, it generally takes either a longer editing process to highlight it. Or we just upload a longer video and hope people will watch through it to the good parts. With Givit, the good parts are the only parts to be uploaded and shared. Givit allows users to capture clips during the recording process, then they can add video effects and music and share within minutes of capturing the video.

Says Johnny Loiacono, Head of Givit Strategy, “It may be harsh, but most of the video content we create is uninteresting to anyone we’d share it with. We believe people would rather see two minutes of little Billy’s soccer team highlights than the 26 minutes they recorded. Givit is a pragmatic, easy and fun way to free the video trapped on your mobile devices.”

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