i-Mego Walker Junior Headphones Reviewed

Author: Benjamin Kerensa
Published: October 10, 2012 at 5:53 pm

i-Mego is the new contender in the North American professional audio market with their Walker Junior and other models. I recently had an opportunity to do some extensive hands-on testing of the Walker Junior. The design definitely is visually appealing so here is the results of my extensive testing.

In the box:
- Headphones – One attached 3.5mm Cable
- Small Mini Adapter for Smartphone Capability


Walker Junior'sThe design of the Walker Junior is admittedly unique from anything that I have seen on the market before in just about every way from the way the headphones fold to the molding of the headphones.

They are designed to look modern with the capability to fold up for travel and with all of the comfort you can come to expect from a high-end pair of over ear headphones. No matter how long I listened to music with the Junior Walkers, it seemed my ears never became fatigued. This is a common issue I have ran into with other brands that just don't come close to offering the comfort the i-Mego line seems to provide in every product they produce.

The Walker Junior's have a built-in mic on each ear piece which allows the headphones to detect noise and adjust your audio to ensure an interruption-free experience every time.

Each ear cup has a white plastic “x” shaped design and each ear piece has a soft synthetic leather like material to keep your ears comfortable while the top band also has similar padding for a perfect fit.

Sound Quality:

Junior Walker (Side)The Sound Quality of the i-Mego Walker Junior's is comparable to other DJ headphones in the $100 price range. They have 40mm drivers and a 20 – 20,000 Hz frequency response. These particular head phones run for around $139. The high price is worth the slick design and comfortable wear these headphones provide.

I personally found the Walker Junior to work good with smart phones, tablets, and directly to my sound system, providing a crisp quality sound every time.


i-Mego has a great sound quality and perhaps the best comfort one can come to hope for in headphones. The Junior Walker is excellent in any application: travelling, listening via tablet, in the comfort of your own home, or doing a DJ performance.

i-Mego has put together a solid product in the Junior Walkers and I could only suggest that people give them a try.

i-Mego Walker Junior's are available on Amazon for only $139.99


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