Interest high in the next Apple iPhone(s)

Author: John Swartz
Published: July 24, 2013 at 1:17 pm
With the next Apple iPhone expected to be released as the 5S later this year, some are already looking past the next offering.
Phones Review, a Top 25 blog in the Technology and Gadgets sections in the Technorati Blog Directory, posted today a discussion about the iPhone 6 and what could Apple do with this model to make consumers really take notice.
Also mentioned is the expected lower-priced model for those on thighter budgets.
In the post, Phones Review speculated what Apple would do with the 6 — larger screen? Better camera? Complete re-design?
Phones Review closed by asking readers, "What can Apple do to make the iPhone 6 design so radical it makes you fall of your seat?"
Image Credit: Phones Review

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