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iOS 6 Feature Request: A Fire Hose Symbol Please

Author: Alex Hamilton
Published: July 24, 2012 at 5:40 am

Smartphones are great, you can surf the internet, tweet, work remotely, control NORAD, whatever really. But only if you have speedy access to the internet. This is not the same as 'having reception'.

Take a look at the photo, has that ever happened to you? A smartphone that can't access the internet is a dumb phone I'm afraid, except without changing the sticker price. And the real kicker is that smartphones aren't that great at making calls, but that is a whole other blog post.

Times have changed. Thank Steve Jobs, he ruined it all. In a bygone era, you know, like the year 2002, if you had a bars on your dumb phone, you could make a call. Wow, that's pretty simple.

The only hiccup would be major events like New Years Eve, a football match and so on. Too many people in one place and the cell towers could not handle it.

Now the exact same thing is happening, just with a lot less people. Same concept though.

And so we come to the 'fire hose versus garden hose' concept.

Imagine a fire hose and a garden hose. Now imagine that they can reach the same distance. Which would fill up a bucket more quickly? Now let's say the 'bucket' is actually a YouTube clip. See what I did there.

Currently all smartphones will show you the same info, how much 'reception' you have, and whether it is '3G' or not. This is still useless; yes your garden hose reaches the 'bucket' but you will go crazy waiting for that video of kittens riding a bicycle to load.

So, Tim Cook or whoever makes such decisions, I have a very expensive, very well designed and beautiful smartphone, but every time I have five bars of 'reception' and I can't load Facebook, I want to throw your beautiful creation across the room.

Please show me some visual indication of download speed as well as 'reception' when you next update my iPhone software. Ta thanks.


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