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Microsoft Surface - A Winner All the Way

Author: Anees Mohamed
Published: December 26, 2012 at 7:12 am

There has been quite a chaos since Microsoft revealed the Metro Style Apps in Windows 8, followed by Microsoft Surface. Clearly Apple users seem more offended that Microsoft would venture on to such a direction and the reviews and comments seem more hate induced than with any critical objective. Its alright though. When Apple had launched the iMac, I think PC users were also a lot prejudiced. Somehow, the iMac launch never received such a hype till the Mac V/S PC campaigns started rolling out.

Microsoft Surface

In my case, I use 6 computers. That's right - 6 computers; 3 of which are desktop PCs, one TV-Side PC, Two laptops - One PC and the other a MacBookPro. That is till the Surface came along. Now I use 2 PCs at work and one at home and no more feel the need to use the TV-side PC or the other two laptops.

You might wonder why would somebody need so many computers to start with. Its purely for convenience. I am into Branding and play a dual role in working on live projects as well as being part of business development pitches and presentations.

When the iPad was launched I was truly amazed. Here was a device that was going to make my presentations more cooler, more efficient and more easier. What can be more fascinating than hooking up a tablet to the TV and engaging the audience with just a flip of the finger. That lasted till I actually started working on a Keynote. The Keynote on my iPad could do roughly how much the app on my iPhone could deliver. Nothing more. It was still going to be OK. I could always create my presentation on the Mac and then transfer it to my iPad? No sir, the iPad supports a particular resolution and it was time I changed my native Keynote widescreen resolution to what the iPad deemed optimal. That was a bummer. In my world, widescreens play an important role. So I left it there and continued using the MacBookPro. iPad was still cool when it came to reading the magazines I subscribe to and a but of browsing. Since it was not my default device allowing me to work on most of my activities, I always ended up being on a PC or a Mac when I would be doing something else.

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