Rumor: iPhone 5 Is Coming With A 4.6-Inch Retina Display

Author: Dan Reyes
Published: March 22, 2012 at 6:30 pm

There's a big buzz in the rumor mill that iPhone 5 is now in the process of getting all the needed parts together.

According to a report, the upcoming iPhone 5 will sport a 4.6-inch Retina Display just like the "resolutionary" new iPad.

In addition, a popular and leading technology and gadgets news blog has this interesting report about the upcoming iPhone 5:

"A new rumor is coming out that the new and upcoming iPhone 5 is going to have a 4.6-inch Retina Display just like the new iPad. And how does this rumor came into being?

Well, latest buzz is, Apple is rumored to have already placed orders to its biggest suppliers Samsung and LG Electronics.

The upcoming iPhone 5 is also rumored to boasts as having a color resolution of a million pixels more than HDTV. Wow! Does it mean the iPhone 5's resolution display is going to be much better than that of the Nokia Lumia 808 Pureview?

If all these rumors are found to be true, then it's possible that Apple will be again on the verge of hitting another record-breaking milestone to its credit. We'll just have to wait and see while keeping an eagle eye on this sizzling rumor. Stay tuned".

As expected, the upcoming iPhone 5 will be the new talk of the town and will create more buzzes and rumors up until Apple finally releases it as to be their next "wonder" phone.


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