Smartphones-Devices And Not So Smartphones Part 2

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Published: August 15, 2011 at 5:52 am

I will get into why I say some smart phones are “smart” and some are not. For one my wife's LG Quantum is a piece of a cow pie in my opinion. It’s a phone, who called it “smart” I have no clue, oh wait #failforMicrosoft. My wife's LG Quantum the current set of apps in the Microsoft 7 phone series is a living piece of crud oil without a refinery you can’t run anything on it its limited and doesn’t look very exciting - period.

It can’t touch Android, iPhone or BlackBerry on their worst day which in comparison is never even for the Chinese made non-specific Android devices. The LG Quantum is if nothing, a return to the cell phone just being a phone “that you call people on and text” period. If all you want is a phone it’s a winner. Apps = #fail.

Okay you get some Facebook integration but that’s about it. Forget your favorite app or game as previously stated it’s just a phone nothing smart to it. If “smart” is just being a phone or paperweight then it’s a winner for those who get tired of real smart phones. Or if you want a light break into the smart phone world maybe I say that very cautiously not really believe what I just said. If you ask me don’t do it.

Get a cheap Android before you try a Windows 7 paperweight unless like I said you want “just a phone” or like that sprint commercial it can be an anti theft deterrent just chuck it at a would be assailant ala Naomi Campbell style and wallah you can run away while they nurse their wound. My wife is getting an Android soon. This can’t be soon enough for me. I’m tired of seeing that lump of coal lying around we need to start a fire with it.

My next phone was a Blackberry 8520 running OS 5 and I could use Wi-Fi it had a keypad which for writers and business professionals are essentials. I started using it to write roughs for articles and songs sending them to my PC to do the last edits and write-ups ergo this article your reading started that way. For us BB folk we are always at Starbucks for a meeting or to work on a project or read a book so the Wi-Fi connectivity is nice ergo your service is momentarily interrupted you can still get on the web, check email, Facebook, twitter and use some apps on the hotspot Wi-Fi connection.

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