The Vloggers Choice: Sony's Bloggie Touch Or Flip's MinoHD?

Author: Leslie Grandy
Published: November 27, 2010 at 1:14 pm

If you are looking to start a blog, but have trouble putting words to paper, video blogging, or v-logging, can be a less challenging option. Although I prefer to write, I do throw a mini camcorder in my bag, to grab post-worthy memories from conferences and trips. Since it hit the market, my Flip camera has always been with me; and when the Flip MinoHD came along, I happily traded up for better picture quality. The images it captures are amazingly crisp, and the size and simplicity are a delight, but the small screen viewer can make seeing what you are recording a challenge.Flip MinoHD

That’s why I was excited when I recently had the chance to test drive a Sony Bloggie Touch camera. Its HDMI support, sharp 3” LCD capacitive touch screen and slim brushed metallic case certainly felt like an upgrade to the Flip MinoHD. The sleek industrial design is slightly curved and more modern than the squared Flip MinoHD. While both have a built in USB connector, the Flip’s trigger is a button that seems a little easier to activate than the Bloggie’s press and release mechanism.

One of the things I adore about my Flip cameras has been the complete simplicity of design. I don’t have to remember much about the way the user interface works, and there are very few settings or menus to navigate or mistakenly change. The Sony Bloggie Touch, on the other hand, presents symbols around the corners of the touch screen and small text status indicators that remind me of the notification icons littering the top of my Nexus One.

Not all of the iconography is intuitive; a suitcase leads you to a list of settings like LUNSettings, Protect, and Format; a play button gives you access to the gallery of your videos and photos; and a light table symbol (which I originally thought was the gallery viewer) provides you a menu of choices for managing the size of your photos or movies.Sony Bloggie

I don’t want you to read this and think the Flip has got all the user interactions nailed, though. One of the features I really appreciate about the Bloggie over the Flip is the way the zoom works. Before you begin recording your video, the Bloggie lets you set the level of zoom with its onscreen touch slider between telephoto and wide-angle views.  And, the accelerometer makes it easy to frame and view your image in portrait or landscape mode.

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