Unsure of Your Water Supply? Purify it in Just 48 Seconds

Author: Doug Bardwell
Published: November 05, 2012 at 5:34 am

With all the damage done by Hurricane Sandy, there's more than enough water around...but is it safe to drink? All it takes are a few microscopic bacteria to make you or your family sick. While drinking bottled water is certainly safe, there may be times when it's too expensive or just not available.

In times like these, SteriPEN has a range of products that will provide water just as clean as bottled water - whenever you need it.  Boiling water is good, but there are times when you don’t have power or you want a cool glass of water to drink. Boiling water takes a long time to cool down.

SteriPEN purifies water the same way many city water filtration plants purify water, with ultraviolet light.  No chemicals, no additives. With SteriPEN however, the units are miniaturized so you can easily transport them.  Many are only a couple ounces in weight and can fit in your shirt pocket.

When you shop for one for yourself or for a loved one, here are some models to think about.

If you have no power at all and don’t know when you’ll get some, consider the hand-cranked model that purifies one liter of water in 90 seconds. Called the SteriPEN Sidewinder, its MSRP is $99.95. The UV lights will last for 8,000 liters of water before needing to be replaced.

If you have two lithium AA batteries, consider the Emergency model.  It will purify one-half or one liter of water depending on the settings. Stir the water until the light goes off  (1-2 minutes max.) and drink. One set of batteries should last for 200 treatments. MSRP is only $49.95.

If you don’t like replacing batteries, and have access to power occasionally, consider the USB powered Freedom model. One charge via a USB charger and the rechargeable battery will treat 40 half-liter bottles of water.  The rechargeable battery and UV lamps should last through 4,000 liters of treated water.  It can also be powered by a solar charger.

When traveling to third world countries, the water is always questionable. Unfortunately, when storms cause damage to our filtration systems, we can have the same problems here in the US. Purifying the water with SteriPEN is the easiest, safest way to make sure problems don’t occur.  Look for them online and at sporting goods and outdoor stores worldwide.


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