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Viddy Lets the Muppets Join in Your iPhone Videos

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Published: November 26, 2011 at 7:03 pm

ViddyDo you have an iPhone and want to do a video with the Muppets? Or are you tired of videos that are boring and cheesy? With the App Viddy you can shoot video from you phone and add the filter pack you like to spice up your video.

Each filter pack comes with an instrumental and video effects. They have a Muppet Production Pack along with a Snoop Dogg Pack, and Incubus. Snoop Dogg is a member of the community and user as well. With Viddy you can upload and share you video within the community and to your social media network. With the Muppet Pack you can interact with the Muppets. Watch this video with Warren Sapp and Fozzie.

"Check out this video "Warren & Fozzie" @Smalltown, USA on Viddy: http://viddy.it/vfE1AO." - @Viddy

imageThe Muppet Interaction feature is a cool new pack that promotes the release of the new movie. With the Muppets in theatres right now I can see this as being something fun for your kids to play with, as part of the take home experience from using your iPhone.

Viddy has been App of the week with over 50,000 downloads despite being in business for only 6 months. It’s pretty new to the market, but offers cool features to iPhone users. It’s a freemium product that plans to offer premium paid content in the near future. I got to sit down with Evan White and he shared the features, the ability to follow, join a social community, as well as the ability to share to your social network. Viddy is being attached to the release of the iPhone 4S release as a featured social networking app.

Evan White stated that “you can think of Viddy like iMovie meets Twitter.”

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