Wicked Audio Solus Review

Author: Kyle Leishear
Published: November 01, 2012 at 12:35 pm

I always enjoy a good set of headphones.  These little devices bring audio straight to your head in style and comfort.  The Solus from Wicked Audio is no exception.  These headphones are trying to enter into a section of audiophiles that also enjoy a good set of headphones that won’t miss a beat and bring the listener even closer to the music.  How well does the Solus from Wicked Audio deliver on this promise of bringing you even closer to the music?  Does it hold up to long wear and finally will it be embraced by DJ’s around the world that are looking for a solid alternative and great price point?  Find out now in our review.

For around $100 you will be getting into your possession a great set of headphones.  You get style and pricing that rivals Skull Candy but you get a stronger audio performance as well.  While it doesn’t match the same output as the Beats by Dre line of headphones it doesn’t mean you are losing much in dropping down in price.

Packaging says a lot

The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging the Solus came in.  A solid heavy-duty box with amazing graphics and some great marketing encompasses the Solus, and after some fiddling with so that the box stays intact I was finally able to free the Solus.  Inside the box you have the molded plastic tray that holds the headphones, a 6-foot extension cable, ¼” (TRS) adapter, a sating carrying case (how fancy) and a Wicked Audio sticker.  All in all some very unique packaging.

Once out of the package you take a look and for a second you can make a comparison to the Beats line of headphones but that quickly goes away as you are hit with more and more plastic feeling at every corner.  I am not saying it is cheap looking in any stretch of the imagination just seems like other headphone lines might mask the plastic a bit better and the Solus just has a feeling of “we don’t care how it looks, you just need to listen” type of vibe.  I will say this and some people might consider it a knock but I am just putting out my feelings and observations about the headphones, the hinges which allow the headphones to swivel about are very loose and DJ’s might not like that as we (yes I used to be a DJ) tend to like a sturdier feel to the swivel so I know I can just pick them up and not have to worry about flipping them around to pop them to my ear.

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