Amplified Cyber Security Defends Small Business Smartphones

Author: David Goehst
Published: January 09, 2013 at 3:15 pm

Lockdown Business SmartphonesAlthough exploitation of personal data, business contacts or other saved information on smartphones hasn’t been compromised yet this year, it’s expected that 2013 finally will produce cyber theft through cellular phones, especially since mobile wallets which warehouse payment information provide an easy target for data shysters.  CNN Money reports vulnerable smartphones with NFC chip technology (Near Field Communication) meant for wireless payment processing will prove most vulnerable to prowlers since interception of signals through RFID would be rather simplistic. Preparing your small business, especially if accepting mobile payments, should highly interest everyone – starting off with common sense tactics.

Protecting Business Plastic

Credit card information carefully stored onto virtualized wallets seems logical, yet companies like McAfee and Norton are against businesses and consumers keeping normally privatized information stored on digital mediums.  Typing credit card information inside boxes each time purchases are made seems painstaking, yet could prove worthwhile when saving potential ID theft.  Carry business credit cards inside RFID-proof wallets or cases to avert potential card number hijacking, and make sure customers have assurance no credit card information will be stored inside card readers or your smartphone. Yes, your once impervious cellular connectivity could be compromised nearly at will.

Watch For Ransomware

Celebrities have fallen victim to data being hijacked, turned around and sold, then hijacked all over again.  Small businesses are beginning to feel the heat of ransomware which could pose mobile data threats if proper firewalls aren’t appended to your mobileOS.  Ransomware becomes such when malware is downloaded through various unstable apps designed to seem attractive yet with clandestine motives your business will never notice – until it’s too late. Couple this with Apple’s already vulnerable mobile devices and cyber thievery will commence like never before, hijacking your data quickly while your business doors are closed.  Best retort? Avoid communicating payment information through rogue apps and refuse to data collaboration in open Wi-Fi hotspots.

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