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Getting to the Point with Google+ Direct Connect

Author: martin ebongue
Published: November 09, 2011 at 6:46 am

Yesterday, Google announced a new feature - The Google + Direct Connect! This new feature allows you to go to the Google + page directly without having to look it in the search results.

All you have to do is type a “+” symbol, and you shall be taken directly to the Google + page you are looking for there will be no search results to look through!

Great! Let’s look at how the search is done and how you are redirected to the pages!

1. Here is how you must search

                        google connect

 2. Here is how you see the results!



When you successfully find the page, it asks “You found this page via Google + Direct Connect from Google Search. Add this page to your circles?” And when  you click “Yes” you start follong that page! Great way to go!

Another little observation! There is a “Send Feedback” Button to the lower right corner of the page.

        results 2

Google is currently just beginning the process to include as many pages for this feature. However, currently, only   YouTube, Toyota and Google have this feature.

It will be out there soon. So, until then, lets concentrate on getting your website ready for this rollout.
Currently, few pages are eligible for Direct Connect. And Google gets to decide who is eligible and who is not – algorithmically of course.

So, new features from Google are always for the betterment of searchers as well as website owners. I would recommend that you prepare your Google + pages to include the right signals for the algorithm!

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