iRise Technology Augments User/Developer Relationships

Author: Terri Griffith
Published: October 08, 2012 at 5:28 pm

The consumerization of information technology isn't just about giving users what they want when they want it. Consumerization may also mean bringing the consumer into the design process so that they can get what they want, when they want it, and in the form that they are expecting. iRise is working to change a 30 year-old process about how business and information technology professionals communicate about requirements in order to make consumer/designer co-design a reality.

iRise has built a simulation platform, a kind of computer-aided design for business software that moves the information technology requirements process from giant documents (text) to simulations of the software the business user is asking for. Users are presented with a working simulation of the application rather than a 1000 page document of requirements that is of more value to the development team than the users.

I asked Emmet Keeffe, chief executive officer and co-founder, if this was an extension of lean design. My thinking was that in terms of producing a minimal viable product to be tested against the users' expectations - the lean approach — iRise could enable quick, evidence-based design pivots until you get it right.

He said that, yes, they use the terms, but more often they talk about enabling agile design. They see iRise as filling the gap between the number of developers with the powerful soft skills to run an agile sprint and the number of projects to be done.


We empower business analysts to run those sprints. This can cut project time and costs by 50 percent. We've been evangelizing and now are seeing big benefits. There is some change management.. [and so this has taken some time.]

NPower, a non-profit that provides information technology support and training to non-profits and young adults who otherwise might not be able to afford it, uses iRise. Frank Pedersen, NPower Chief Marketing Officer, says:

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