Microsoft to Develop Agile Platform for Intelligent Systems

Author: Rahul Manekari
Published: November 07, 2012 at 1:37 pm

In every industry, companies are as unique as individuals. Their processes are their secret sauce. And finding the right software to support those processes can create a huge competitive advantage.

Michael Beck, director of program management for Windows Embedded at Microsoft, says this approach can allow customers to build solutions that drive customer loyalty by offering personalized experiences, help deliver superior patient care, identify opportunities for heightened production efficiencies or suit just about any other business scenario. Examples have already started appearing within the retail, healthcare, manufacturing and automotive industries.

Kevin Dallas, general manager of Windows Embedded

“Connecting devices into an intelligent system results in an end-to-end business solution that generates data, analyzes it in real time and transforms it into business insight,” Beck says. “For partners and enterprise customers, this operational intelligence opens up a whole new range of business opportunities.”

To help companies keep up with the pace of change and build exactly the intelligent systems they need, Windows Embedded general manager Kevin Dallas spoke at length last year about Microsoft’s focus on shortening its own development cycles and releasing new updates and versions at a faster cadence. Communication with embedded developers would be more frequent and clearer. Visibility into the platform and processes would increase. Feedback would be incorporated much more quickly.

But how would the team deliver on this promise?

Behind the discussion was an internal shift in process and culture. The Windows Embedded team was moving from the traditional “waterfall” big batch development model to embrace the lightweight programming paradigm known as agile.

It was a change that would speed up the group’s release cycles and greatly improve the developer community’s ability to provide feedback. It would also require the entire team — program management, development and testing — to come together as a single unit focused on delivering business value.


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