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Microsoft Windows Chief's Resignation - How Technology and Search World is Changing

Author: Tahir Akbar
Published: November 15, 2012 at 3:47 pm

I still remember what my college teacher used to say; “life is all about surprises, so every minute, be ready for that”. Coming into professional life and the real-world experience has endorsed his views. Nobody was expecting CIA chief to have an extra-marital affair after 38 successful years of family life. This scandal has stunned the entire world, particularly the United States. Just like these political developments, some technology and business developments are also so indigestible and equally shocking. Whether you are a fresh graduate, experienced corporate manger or some platform developer, your response is equally surprising.


In the following, I have compiled three key developments in the technology and search business that have disturbed if not changed the dynamics and landscape of the respective industries.

1: No One has Job Security:
This can be declared as surprise of the year in various respects. In the last week of October, 2012, Microsoft launched Windows 8 with a tablet PC called interface. This was seen as a major breakthrough amid the company’s slumping market position in operating systems’ industry. The main behind the new venture was “Steven Sinofsky”; the president of Windows division who has spent around 25 years with the company. On Monday, November 12, Microsoft issued a press release stating that Mr. Sinofsky is leaving the company with immediate effect. This was quite shocking news because general perception after Window 8 was, ‘Microsoft is adopting change’ with certain integrated and dynamic products. For the moment, nobody knows the truth behind the whole story but yes, coming days are not good. As immediate sign of anxiety, Microsoft share slumped, showing displeasure of the market. It is yet to be seen how things will move further in the coming days and who will replace Sinofsky. However, one message is clear; nobody has job security anymore, if results are not promising.

2: Mobility:
Few years back, mobile phones were used only for the sake of making calls and sending text messages. With RIM’s BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone, the trend started changing and recently Smartphone’s sale surpassed 1 billion mark with Samsung Galaxy S III being the market’s leading choice. You can see that over the past 5-7 years, the entire world has become mobile. We have jumped from landline to mobile phone and then on Smartphones. On the other hand, from personal computers to laptops/notebooks and now on tablets, we are moving towards added mobility. This trend is changing the dynamics of how we used to do things, are doing and will be doing. You need to be a mobile worker to become more productive and competitive at job. Relevant mobile apps and certain self-help initiatives can help a lot in developing skills, required to be a mobile worker.

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