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Opportunities for Mobile App Developers in the Philippines

Author: Rosendo Cuyasen
Published: December 06, 2012 at 6:57 am

Greater opportunities for mobile apps developers in the Philippines are coming their way. According to Google’s managing director for South-east Asia, Julian Persaud, developing nations like the Philippines will contribute to half a billion internet users to the world by the year 2015. He mentioned this during Google’s “Connecting the Next Billion” Seminar last Monday. He further added that there will be a wonderful opportunities for business across Asia and across emerging markets.

A concrete example for the turn of economic opportunities is Paloma Mobile, a Sydney based company. The company has decided earlier of this year to target the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand as stated by its co-founder Steve Langkamp. Langkamp said that millions of new Smartphone users from these countries represent an exciting opportunity. Discussions are currently underway with mobile operators serving these countries and an announcement of a launch of their first partnership will happen in 2013. Other partnerships had been sealed by software developer HealthKit and countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Africa when it sold its platform for patients and practitioners in these areas.

Nelson Matos, Google’s vice-president of product and engineering for emerging market, said that companies from the developed world could lend others their expertise in order for these emerging markets to succeed. He advised that in order for these multinational companies to succeed in these countries, they should not assume that what worked for them in their area would be as effective in these countries. Multi-national companies need to look at business from the emerging markets’ perspective.

Despite the growth in internet users, Google still wants to accelerate growth of internet usage in developing countries like the Philippines. Mattos noted that there were barriers to people using the internet like cost of data access, network congestion, and lack of relevant content. These issues have pushed Google to innovate how it delivers its services by building more data exchanges and data centers in these developing countries to reduce cost. Google has been working with Globe Telecom in the Philippine in order to create free mobile data service for users in order to access Google+ and Gmail, and including SMS messaging.


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