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Previews Added to Google Places

Author: martin ebongue
Published: November 09, 2011 at 5:59 am

Based on our tests and findings around the industry, it seems that, after the map markers (pins) turned grey from red, Google now added new rich previews for local listings on Google Places!

Of course, those large previews for the organic search results already existed, but these are different! These are specifically for Google Places. The individual local listing is shown with a little preview.

The most important part is, the preview consists of a map, graphics and photos of the local business, and details. It also includes “reviews”.

So you know at a glance “everything” you need to know about the local business that you were looking for.

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Brief about what the change includes:

  • a smaller site preview
  • a dedicated map for your local business
  • Maximum four images of your local business.
  • Details about your local business.
  • Reviews and comments that you received.

So, what does all this mean?
When users will look for local businesses and get a glimpse of what your business is, they are sure to click and contact you. Users get the basic details in one go. They do not have to endlessly click on one link to another and “hunt” for information. Information required to make an initial decision is presented to users in one click! Great Google has once again “enhanced user experience”!

Takeaways for business owners:
So, what does this change mean to business owners? Business owners must ensure to list their local businesses on Google Places with the best images and provide accurate details.

Showcase your business to attract the attention of searchers. Create that first impression with a rich places profile preview and CTRs and conversions shall be yours.


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