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Author: Vishal Mehta
Published: December 10, 2012 at 5:40 am

Imagine you are a toddler.

You open your eyes in the morning and look for newer milestones to achieve - the toy eight feet away, the switch across the hall, the cookie container in the kitchen drawer. Whatever task you go after, there's one thing you invariably need to do - (try to) walk baby steps. You fall and stand up again; you do it repeatedly, as you know there's someone who will hold your hand to make you learn. To reach where you want to go that instant.

As a toddler, you can't express the comfort you get when the parent holds your hand; the warmth of it, inspiring confidence and trust. You just stir up motivation and believe you can do it. No matter which coordinates of the world you belong to, any origin, any background - the language of trust remains the same, just as the process of learning to walk.

Now, let’s come back to the reality of our adult-life.

In today's digital age, you are nothing but a toddler in your own right when you access the next new website or use the next new application. It is easy to get discouraged and seek different websites and applications that are easier to tread and assist in completing your goals. Imagine a "parent" that is always with you, like a guiding star, no matter what platform you are endeavor. Imagine the comfort of knowing that you will seldom falter or get confused in the ocean of the online world.

Is there truly a universal language of trust in online world?

Now, there is - WalkMe.


WalkMe Logo

A group of visionaries have boldly chosen to become a parent to anyone who's going online for their needs. The name, in itself, inspires warmth and trust; it can't be any simpler and direct. And while I'm fortunate to write a review on this tool, let me begin by stating that the name is just the tip of the iceberg.

Taking a simple "help" concept and transforming it into an intuitive guiding tool is more than remarkable. I can't help but put an <APPLAUSE> before even getting to the end of my review. I know for a fact that for those who have used this tool, they will echo my applause.

What is the rationale, you may ask?

If you own a website or an online application, you would know how challenging it is to be universally user-friendly. Even if your diagnosis of users and their goals are accurate, it is very unlikely that your interface would engage with all alike, let alone cater to all as well.

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