Technorati Media CEO set to keynote SMSS Chicago

Technorati Media CEO set to keynote SMSS Chicago

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Technorati CEO Shani Higgins will give the keynote address at this month’s Social Media Strategies Summit in Chicago.

The Summit will be held April 23-24, and registration is still open for the event held at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Higgins will be presenting findings and analysis from Technorati Media’s 2013 Digital Influence Report, which examines significant trends and topics on the business of influence from the influencer, marketer and consumer perspective. The report includes the perspectives of 150+ fortune 1000 brands, 1,200 consumers over the age of 18 and 6,000 influencers regarding their social media use and the latest trends in the business of digital influence.

More from Higgins:

“We’ve conducted our annual State of the Blogosphere since 2004, but in 2012 we realized blogs, though one of the most important pillars of social didn’t tell the entire story of digital influence. In order to represent the social landscape more thoroughly, we needed to look at all online sources of influence from three very unique and important perspectives: influencers, consumers and brands.”

“Blogs offer an immense amount of original content, so we weren’t surprised to see consumers report sharing that content from blogs so much. In addition, the majority of consumers agreed that these smaller more intimate communities have greater influence. So, again it would follow that consumers might be more inclined to share from these influential sources.”

“In fact, when asked what online services were most likely to influence a purchase, consumers reported blogs, only behind retail sites and actual brand sites, as most likely to influence a purchase. All other social media and online sources fell off somewhere below blogs.”