Technorati #Mobile Chat: Gamification of Love

Technorati #Mobile Chat: Gamification of Love

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Relationships through Mobile Apps

Our guest for today, Simon Czaplinski, is the co-founder of Revel Game app. In a time wherein social networking sites play a prominent role in engaging people, the Revel Game may indeed be an app singles would be interested in. And its gamification elements generate the incentives to keep playing and playing.

Statistics state that one in ten Americans have used an online dating site or mobile dating app, and a lot of people are now acquainted with folks who uses them or has formed a relationship through social media.

As people start to develop a more positive attitude towards meeting online, let’s hang out with Simon to find out some tips and tricks how we can further tap into this market and his learnings along the way.

Listen in as he shares to us:

  • What is Revel Game is all about and the colorful history behind the birth of the idea,
  • How Simon knew that this was the idea worth pursuing and the raiding of funds which followed,
  • His tedious journey so far: the timelines set, the delays, the flaws and the fixes,
  • The Party Bingo name change which came about from feedback, research and focus groups,
  • Of his apprehensions of his app not being used after building it in such scale,
  • His conversations with Wilson Kriegel, founder of Draw Something on the concepts of multi-player gaming.

You can pick up business strategies from Simon including doing your market research and being ready to go through the whole process once you have the idea that you are fixed on working on. Hone in as devotion is needed so your creations will not end up in the app graveyard.

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