Technorati #Mobile Chat: Level Money The Simplest Way to Stick to Your...

Technorati #Mobile Chat: Level Money The Simplest Way to Stick to Your Budget

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Today we talk with Jake Fuentes, the co-founder and creator of Level, an extraordinarily successful “real time money meter” which can be used to digitally manage your finances without dealing with complex budgets and spreadsheets. Level automatically detects the user’s income and expenses, and assists them in saving, spending and managing money. After working as chief of staff at VISA he left to focus on Level, and only a month after release the app has taken the technology world by storm.

Jake talks about his experience with leaving his comfortable job to bet on his app idea. He talks about his experience with marketing key demographics and broadening his audience, as well as how he designed his app as something that he himself would (and does) use. They also discuss how to appeal to targeted markets and ensure that the problem your app addresses is something that users will pay to solve.

Listen to the interview to hear Jake’s thoughts on:

  • How he knew it was time to leave his job and focus entirely on his startup concept.
  • How he helped mitigate the risk of branching out to begin his own business through financial planning and consideration.
  • The importance of researching new ideas with potential consumers before beginning to develop the product.
  • How he created a successful app by finding a real problem and continuously discovering and developing potential solutions to it.
  • Methods for marketing to a larger audience by researching in many different target markets and locales, and he found a multitude of people to interview.
  • His own foolproof litmus test for telling whether your startup idea has true potential for success.
  • His philosophy for successful app design, and how he chooses what components of the app to place on the all-important initial screen.
  • The importance of leaving the office and receiving feedback from real people.
  • And much more..

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