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Technorati #Mobile Chat: Mobile App User Acquisitions Simplified

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With over 400+ mobile ad networks, mobile marketing can be a confusing world to measure and navigate.

What network has the best ROI? What network returns the most users?

Our guest for this episode built a solution that provides you with insights and analytics to your mobile app marketing.

Carlos Mondragon, the CEO and Founder of MoHound, shares with us the following:

  • Lessons from turning down an acquisition offer from Zynga.
  • His hands on entrepreneurship experiences starting from gaming studios company and the difficulties of app marketing.
  • His take aways from previous feedback received which became pivotal to the development of his business.
  • The email strategies that they used to find early users and how Facebook helped them acquire their initial customers.
  • How MoHound can help your business through analytics and other details including pricing, tracking revenues from different traffic sources, and all the services they offer to optimize your business.

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