Technorati #Mobile Chat: Text Any Business with TalkTo

Technorati #Mobile Chat: Text Any Business with TalkTo

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In this episode, Stuart Levinson, CEO and co-founder of TalkTo, will talk to us all about their app which allows you to text any local business in the US and Canada.

Here are the items that we tackled with Stuart today:

  • How Talkto came about, and the idea and personal experiences which fueled the creation of the app,
  • If TalkTo is looking at placing ‘turn-around time’ guarantees in their application,
  • Stuart’s career background and what made him rejoin the entrepreneurial field,
  • Discussion surrounding TalkTo’s text messaging interface and it’s Q&A format,
  • Great entrepreneurial and leadership advices – from the better success of building your company rather than your products to the the dangers of scaling too fast,
  • And most importantly, how perseverance and having self-motivated employees can turn your business around.

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