The Super Bowl was a blowout, the social media buzz wasn’t

The Super Bowl was a blowout, the social media buzz wasn’t

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CNN summed-up yesterday’s game best: Super Bowl XLVIII started out bad for the Denver Broncos. The Seattle Seahawks made sure it got worse.


Missed the Super Bowl commercials?

Even the famed Super Bowl commercials were a mixed bag. In case you missed them, there’s a fix. The awesome folks at Fast Company assembled them all together for a replay.

Super Bowl Replay

While the game itself was a blowout, and a let down for many, the social media flurry around it, was not. The folks at Engagor, the platform for real-time customer engagement and analytics, monitored buzz around the commercials and produced a terrific infographic to take it all in.  

Infographic Highlights:

  • Top hashtags #bestbuds (Budweiser) #beckhamforhm (H&M) and #cuptherapy (Butterfinger)
  • Three times more mobile posts from iPhones than Android devices
  • Engaging advertisers – shows the advertisers that responded the most to posts on social
  • Blue and red thumbs highlight sentiment

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