These fresh Twitter features will boost your ROI

These fresh Twitter features will boost your ROI


When Twitter’s share price dropped 24 percent and engagement dropped 7 percent, the eyebrows of CEOs around the world shot up.

Despite Twitter beating analysts’ revenue forecast by $20 million last quarter, many people still jump to conclusions even without the facts. Many critics are quick to overlook the platform’s steady, dynamic growth since its founding in 2006.

Should users and marketers be concerned about the relevancy of Twitter today?

Not if they know how to use it.

Five Twitter Engagement Strategies That Work

Even with the press, Twitter will continue to be a powerful tool for social media marketing because of its ability to reach customers on a one-on-one basis with a customized message. Here are five engagement strategies your company can use to get the most out of Twitter:

1. Use favorites to save tweets recommending your product.

Favorites are valuable because they allow you to save all your Twitter testimonials in one place. This comes in handy when you need some social proof for your website, email marketing campaigns, or other digital marketing collateral but don’t want to dig through your Twitter account to find it.

2. Create and update lists for a virtual Rolodex.

Twitter lists work like a concise customer relationship manager, and they allow you to segment your research for immediate use. Just create a Twitter list for different fan segments and top prospects, and send customized tweets to each segment — such as coupon promotions to patrons who frequent your brick-and-mortar location or referral links to bloggers who tweet about recent purchases.

3. Invest in two-way dialogues.

Twitter’s mention feature is one of its most valuable assets because it allows business owners to speak directly with customers in real time. This extension of personalized customer service outside brick-and-mortar stores can surprise and delight customers, leading to more engagement and word-of-mouth advertising.

4. Join trending conversations for boosted visibility.

Many business owners suffer from a severe case of writer’s block. Enter trending topics. Twitter trends let you see what everyone is talking about to tailor your tweets, promotions, or expertise. Trends also allow you to send your tweets to a larger audience, greatly increasing the likelihood that users will view, follow, or engage with your account.

5. Embrace Promoted Accounts and Tweets.

Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweet campaigns can help you reach a targeted segment with a targeted ad campaign. Because you have the option to only pay when another Twitter user engages with your account by retweeting, following, or clicking, it can be incredibly cost-effective.

Fresh Features to Boost ROI

Since it was founded, Twitter has maintained a track record of dynamic growth and experimentation. That won’t stop anytime soon. Here are three new or upcoming features that can enhance your company’s ROI:

1. Photo Tagging for Internal Promotions

Although the ability to tag photos is nothing new, it’s exciting to see that Twitter finally has this feature. Photo tagging allows businesses to put a personal face on internal events, such as introducing new staff members or making case studies more social by tagging customers and projects.

photo source

2. Photo Collages

Twitter has expanded photo options to include photo collages. You can share up to four photos in one tweet and tag up to 10 people without taking away from your precious 140-character count. This gives marketers a lot of visual real estate to share a marketing message or call to action.

3. Hispanic TV Conversation Targeting

TV conversation targeting is now live for the Spanish language market in the U.S. By using Twitter’s conversation-mapping technology, networks and brands can connect with users who have engaged with specific Spanish-language TV programs.

Don’t be fooled by stock prices. As Twitter continues to expand its offerings, it continues to grow its relevance in social media marketing. So, if your company sticks with Twitter, will you see an increase in ROI and engagement?

It depends on how you use it.

Former web developer Adam Root has worked in interactive development and design for Fortune 500 companies, midsize agencies, and startups. Adam is now the founder and CTO of HipLogiq, the developer of social media marketing tools SocialCentiv and SocialCompass.

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