Turning your niche content site into a money maker

Turning your niche content site into a money maker

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Content marketing is taking over in 2014, and with Google’s latest algorithm update, there’s a newfound focus on niche content sites.

For now, sites that are perceived as having high quality niche content will be pushed to the top of Google’s search results, making content marketing that much more important for site owners, especially those who are trying to make money from their site. So in order to help you get the most out of your niche content site, we went out looking for tips from the pros and came across this interview with Rob Merlino.

Rob is a niche site specialist who makes a living from his handful of content sites, so he’s the perfect guy to give tips and advice for running successful niche content sites. In the interview, Rob gives his definition of “good content,” as well as some advice on what Google is looking for and how to take advantage of it.

To find out more about Rob and learn how to turn your content site into a money maker, watch the video interview below.

Here are some key takeaways from the video:
  • In the interview Rob says that fundamentally, SEO hasn’t changed since the early ‘90s. Basically, you’ve got to have good content in order to increase your visibility within Google. Sites with thin content or that have practiced blackhat techniques will be penalized by Google.
  • Rob defines good content as content that answers the question that’s being asked. People go to Google looking for answers, so Google ranks sites higher when the content answers those questions with well-researched information. Rob’s advice, “answer the question and answer it intelligently.”
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