100 Words: Dorm Food Survival - Breakfast on the Go

Author: Curtis Silver
Published: February 28, 2012 at 10:03 am

College can be rough. It can be rough on the pocketbook, it can be rough on the mind and it can be rough on the stomach. One of the biggest issues in college is eating right, specifically - finding the time to eat right. Well, Chef Billy Parisi has never shied away from a culinary challenge so he's set out to tackle the dietary issues facing college students. With a good dose of playful humor and lightheartedness, Chef Parisi is releasing a new video series called 100 Words. In 100 words, Chef Parisi will be giving college kids advice on how to not only eat properly, but quickly as well since they are always in a hurry. In this first video in the series, Chef Parisi runs down how to make a quick, healthy breakfast for the college student on the go. Stay tuned for more great videos from Chef Billy.


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