Avril Lavigne Premieres "Alice" Video

Author: Warren Patrick
Published: February 18, 2010 at 2:18 pm

As if I wasn't nervous enough already about Tim Burton's loose adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, apparently Avril Lavigne is on the soundtrack. I guess Burton has finally really nailed his target audience of angst-ridden teenage girls from six years ago who wear gel bracelets and too much eyeliner.

OK, I'll admit to having liked some Lavigne's singles before. She—or her team of songwriters, rather—writes some pretty catchy, tuneful stuff. And this track fits in neatly amongst her repertoire, though it certainly doesn't offer much to distinguish itself from the rest.

As a soundtrack pick, the song is kind of awkward, as some of the lyrical allusions fall a little flat in an attempt to bridge the song thematically with the film. The video does a pretty nice job of combining a few film clips with original footage of Lavigne, however, and it's a pretty looking video with strong visual links to the feature.


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