How Do You Survive a Random Shooting?

Author: Steve Woods
Published: December 22, 2012 at 4:19 pm

With the last of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting victims being laid to rest, the discussion continues, in both quiet and loud voices, about gun control.

While other voices continue voicing their opinion with regard to the second amendment, others are haunted with the question, "What would I do, if this happened to me?" Gun violence knows no bounds, occurring in cities big and small, on the street and in more often than not, public forums.

Gayle Orr-Smith, San Francisco State University's emergency preparedness coordinator, discusses some options to minimize your exposure in a mall, campus or other public venue, should you hear gunshots nearby.

According to Orr-Smith, many don't realize that they are actually hearing a gun go off, and seek to get closer to make determination. Don't. Move away as rapidly as possible from the sound. If you are in a mall or near stores, get inside the nearest store and begin discussing with employees what you heard, and recommend that the entrance get closed, locked, and everyone exit through the back (mall stores tend to have back, or delivery, exits).

In an office and feel cornered? Turn off the lights and your phone, and hide as best you can, quiet as a mouse.

Have you discussed with your employer an action plan in case someone enters your place of business with a gun, or gunshots go off nearby? It's probably a good time...

Video courtesy Wall Street Journal, image courtesy Stamford Advocate


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