New Graphic Anti-Smoking Video Released

Author: Steve Woods
Published: December 29, 2012 at 9:49 am

A recently released British anti-smoking video advertisement is designed to be in-your-face, showing a tumor growing out of a cigarette as it's smoked.

The video, released by the British Department of Health, is the first anti-smoking advertisement released in the U.K. since the fatty deposit cigarette ad, which was released 8 years ago.

As the ad states, it takes less than a pack of cigarettes to cause a mutation which can lead to cancerous tumors like the one portrayed on the cigarette. Almost 200 people die in the UK every single day from smoking-related conditions.

"This is a hard-hitting campaign to get at the hidden harms of smoking," said Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies. "People will see a man smoking and then a cancer growing out of the cigarette. That is what happens in people's bodies."

Dame Davies added: "This is a hard-hitting campaign to get at the hidden harms of smoking."

Why release a new video? Because the Department of Health has found that 1 in 3 smokers in the UK believe the negative effects of smoking have been exaggerated. Based on these figures, the DoH says it believes the time is right to ramp up from softer campaigns, and to deliver a much stronger message.

The campaign will run for the next two months on television, billboards and via online media outlets. Smokers who see the ads will be urged to pick up a free NHS Quit Kit from their local pharmacies.


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