Seattle's Glee Flash Mob Triple Play

Author: Leslie Grandy
Published: April 11, 2010 at 8:11 pm

Glee flash mobs have been popping up all over the globe, bringing dancing Gleeks and rock classics like "Don't Stop Believin'" to the train stations and plazas from Tel Aviv to Rome to Dublin. Most tend to sneak up on the masses of commuters or aimless shoppers who catch a handful of dancers being their choreography, only to be joined by small groups of what appear to be casual passers-by, who have also learned the dance steps in advance. Within minutes, a sea of gyrating, spinning and arm-waving dancers take over the space.

But leave it to Seattle Gleeks to put their own spin on the tradition by holding three flash mobs at three locations in an impressive migration across the city. The group began first at Pioneer Square, then the masses walked to Westlake Center, and finally the group convened at the grounds of the iconic Space Needle.

And, while a small number of dancers began their moves to the Journey rock classic, unlike at some of the European flash mob events, the mob did not grow gradually. Hundreds of dancers couldn't wait to join in and have a frenetic turn boogeying down to "Proud Mary," which they then followed with some funky "Gold Digger" and a wavy finale to "Somebody to Love."

Although flash mobs usually leverage an element of surprise, you can see from the videos that the milling crowds revealed something was up, as did the organizers themselves, who maintained a Facebook page that indicated as many as 1700 people planned on attending. (Estimates of the actual attendance was closer to half that number.)

If you want to plan your own Glee Flash Mob, you can take some lessons from Seattle's choreographer, Bobby Bonsey, by watching the two instructional videos he circulated to help train local dancers who couldn't join him at rehearsals. Bonsey is no stranger to flash mobs in Seattle having organized last year's tribute to Michael Jackson, which also migrated around the city.


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