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Things Will Ferrell is Willing to Do to Get You to Vote

Author: Steve Woods
Published: November 04, 2012 at 2:26 pm

Comedic actor Will Ferrell, never a wallflower when it comes to mocking the vote, has provided a humorous get-out-the-vote video for those of us thinking about staying home on Election Day.

Presidential incumbent Barack Obama's official YouTube channel has been graced with Ferrell's video endorsement and personal appeal to the rest of us to vote.

If you do your civic duty, according to Ferrell's video, he will do anything in return you want.

Anything. Just watch.

Of course, we can't take him at his word — it's Will Ferrell after all. But if you vote and feel like trying to hold Ferrell to his word, here's a tally of expressly stated things he'll do for you, with warnings/restrictions/provisors tallied in:

  • Cook angel hair pasta
  • Help move a couch with his van
  • Provide a really, really bad tattoo
  • Dance slowly
  • Eat garbage, hair, human toenails, underpants, and anything else
  • Punch himself in the face
  • Anything else you'd like

Good luck with that.


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