Welcome to the new Technorati

Welcome to the new Technorati

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The staff and management of Technorati would like to welcome you to the relaunch of our website, a platform we hope will serve as a resource for publishers and content creators alike.

As a company, we have been serving website publishers in their monetization efforts since the launch of our advertising platform in 2008. We are an advertising solution for thousands of websites, for which we serve high-quality ads and maximize impression value. Our network boasts more than 100 million unique US users per month.

Our history includes providing such services as a blog search engine and authority index helping bloggers and website publishers get their content discovered well before social media redefined discovery. Over the past 6 years, we’ve grown into a successful ad platform that helps those types of websites earn revenue from that content.

With this new website, we hope to shape the conversation of online publishing, specifically around advertising technology, content monetization and marketing strategies for high quality publishers.

You won’t find our blog claim process or authority index on this new website, as that technology is being redesigned and optimized to help publishers get discovered by advertisers and earn more for their highly-valued content.

What you will find is the product of our strong, authoritative editorial team. Our contributing journalists, fans, and bloggers produce a myriad of content surrounding website publishing, online advertising strategies and best practices, content marketing, technology trends and events. And even a little bit from the lighter site of the net life.

Our new website becomes the entry point to our advertising platform, our core product. There we proudly stand beside website publishers by providing them the right toolset to navigate and monetize the ever-evolving online advertising marketplace.

If you’re a publisher with a loyal audience and strong original content (the kind you are proud of enough to show off to your mom), you deserve to earn the most out of your advertising opportunities and Technorati can help.

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  • http://www.darcyripper.com/ Dan Mitroi

    Well, The new look fits you perfect! It was time for a change!
    Dan Mitroi

  • http://forewardsapp.com/blog Jason Dea

    The new site looks great. But will the blog claim process and authority index live on somewhere else? Or is it being sunsetted altogether?

    • technorati

      It’s a technology, previously used to measure the quality of a website’s content, that we have completely transitioned to servicing our ad serving platform. Now it is used to match a brand’s ads with top-tier content and targeted users through our ad network.

  • Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi

    Your niche is indexing blogs and your blog directory is what will attract advertisers.
    Without your blog directory, you will be handicapped. I suggest you add blog rankings to your new platform, because rating blogs will increase the mileage and patronage of Technorati.

  • http://www.cynicologist.com/ Orun Bhuiyan

    I’m just curious, would you mind sharing the final size of your blog directory? It must have demanded a colossal quantity of resources!

    • technorati

      Well over 100M!

  • http://www.jobsmelbournevic.com.au JobsMelb

    Great, clean new look, I like it.

    Quite agree with Michaels comments, blog rankings would be a useful feature and build up more viral traffic I would imagine.

  • http://worldoftop.com/ psophy

    Goodbye blog index, I will be not heard it again from pro-blogger

  • http://www.8womendream.com/ Catherine

    Why would publishers trust you after you eliminated their reason for coming to the site without announcement or notice? Trust is a factor in marketing and your powers that be decided that trust is not important, yet, you want publishers to trust you in being late to the advertising game, to use you over the established brands already in this market. You just said a big F-you to a loyal fan base and think they are going to still work with you. What are you smoking in that part of San Francisco? I notice the news didn’t even comment on your “big change” — where is your marketing department? On permanent vacation?

  • http://www.omaseo.com/ Kyle Sherwood

    I love the layout and overall design of the new site – however, I must say I’m disappointed that the blog directory is gone. It is how the world knows about you guys. Is this something we can expect to be back soon, or are you guys completely trashing that feature?

  • http://simon-searchmarketing.com/ Geoff S.

    What about those of us who used technorati tags that now link to 404’s pages????

  • sereyboth

    Seems like a better Technorati!

  • http://rahulbemba.blogspot.com/ rahulthinks

    Blogs indexing should continue, perhaps as a CSR activity. We love blogs and many of us want to continue blogging.

  • http://www.top-soccer.com/ Ricky Douglas

    Love the new look but i really can’t believe they’ve call it quit on blog indexing. Anyways, Looking forward to see how things unfold moving forward.

  • http://mikeshouts.com/ Mike Chua

    yup. the index is why folks come here. not sure about your new focus, though.