Why Expedia Needs Sparkcentral Social Customer Service (and You May, too)

Why Expedia Needs Sparkcentral Social Customer Service (and You May, too)

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The Rise of 1:1, real-time customer engagement

Social media marketing peaked last year with the acquisition of the bigger players (Buddy Media, Wildfire, Vitrue) and the Social Media Customer Service space is now beginning to bloom. So much, in fact, Oracle reports 52 percent of Twitter customer service users expect a response in two hours of less.
I certainly do.
I recently requested assistance with a U.S. Airways flight rescheduling. The original itinerary, purchased on Expedia.com. What? no Kayak or Hipmunk? I’m a creature of habit and have been using Expedia for nearly 10 years.
U.S. Airways got back to me within minutes.

Expedia never replied.


So why is this so important? 

I dug deeper into the growth of social customer service in a written interview with Matthew Finneran, company co-founder of leading social customer service platform, Sparkcentral. “The more and more companies perform social marketing and succeed then the more and more they need social customer service,” Finneran asserts. The focus of an enterprise-level social media tool dedicated to quickly sharing customer info and social signals, with all involved groups across an organization.
The Sparkcentral platform allows teams in large enterprises to perform fast and efficient customer service over social media. “We’re the fastest on the market,” Finnerran proclaims. “Social customers want an answer as quick as their friends can tweet back and forth to each other. The speed of a large organization humanizes their brand and encourages customers for life.”
When Finneran’s co-founder, Davy Kestens, developed the first prototype back in Belgium, he was solving his own need. Customers of his small marketplace for blog content kept tweeting him for resolutions and he needed a way to keep up. Upon building and using his home-grown solution, an agency reach out to him and request to use it for a Volkswagen campaign they were running. Immediately he saw the need that large organizations, while having the capability to run marketing campaigns over social media, were not yet capable and handling large 1-1 conversations at scale.

5 Things to Know about Social Customer Service

A terrific whitepaper from Sparkcentral identifies five things you need to know about social customer service and how to be successful with it.
1. Customers don’t expect perfection but they do expect transparency.
Companies are now being held accountable for their actions within the public eye.
2. Know your “Social speak”
Social has a different language and lingo. Good social customer service means knowing how to speak it.
3. Speed
It’s no longer acceptable to wait until the next day to respond.
4. Technology
You need the right tool for the right job.
5. Labor Costs
Social Customer Service costs less than traditional customer service.
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