Why learning about millennials should never stop

Why learning about millennials should never stop

If you want to market to the millennial generation and target them for your products or services, then there’s one thing you should do: never stop trying to learn more about them, according to a recent article in AdAge.

AdAge reports that “millennials have grown up, while the world erroneously views them as young and unattached.” The bottom line, as many in the generation mature, marketers and advertisers will continually need up-to-date information on this tantalizing target.

The AdAge article “How to Get Millennials to Love and Share Your Product” shares five basic findings that will be paramount to anyone wanting to reach this influential generation.

Here are the bullet points:

  • Millennials celebrate brand purpose.
  • Millennials want a personal connection.
  • Millennials embrace disruption.
  • Millennials accept difference.
  • Millennials expect a dialogue.

Those first two bullets tell us companies should be spending time building their brand equity in the right ways. The next two bullets indicate that brands shouldn’t be afraid of change and trying new things. And that last bullet tells us millennials don’t want to be talked at or pitched, they wanted to be talked to and they want to be listened to. That’s why marketing and sales campaigns centered around conversation should yield the results you’re looking for.

This post’s graphic was adapted from this photo by eddiehosa, under a Creative Commons license.