Why social advertising is successful

Why social advertising is successful

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If you want to reach the Millennial audience, you have to market to them where they are.

And Millennials are social. That’s why the announcement this week that Instagram will soon be carrying ads is big news to marketers who want to reach this influential generation.

Brands and marketers have made the smart move to social advertising for one simple reason, Millennials don’t consume and aren’t influenced by “traditional” advertising like previous generations have been.

But that doesn’t mean Millennials aren’t open to advertising. In fact, they are “surprisingly open to brand engagement and advertising,” according to a study released by PR firm Edelman.

“That’s what makes targeting to Millennials a unique opportunity – their acceptance of advertising as part of their online lives. Because Millennials are willing to actively participate and engage, the possibilities are endless for brands who want to reach them,” Technorati Media Sr. VP of Product Rohan Chandran said. “Of course, it’s imperative that you do so in a manner and with content that is relevant to them, because as quick as they are to engage, they are equally quick to dismiss. That’s a priority here at Technorati Media – bringing relevant campaigns to a specifically targeted community of consumers.”

Another finding in the Edelman study states that brands “have to have the right approach.” Are you having difficulties with your social campaigns? We can help; find out how here.