Women leading in U.S. social media usage

Women leading in U.S. social media usage

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The U.S. use of social media has exploded over the past five years, but it’s women who still dominate the social landscape.

Nearly three-quarters of online women (74%) report social media use compared to just 70% of men, according to data recently published by the Pew Research Center.

This is in contrast to overall internet usage statistics. In another dataset published by Pew, there are more men (85%) who report using the internet than women (84%).

Though there’s still a gap, the men have been doing a little catching up. Pew data indicates that the difference was 71% of women to 62% of men as recently as December of last year. This newest data, published today, was collected in May of this year.

The network breakdown is where things get interesting. There are 10 percent more women who report using Facebook (72% to 62%). Pinterest, not surprisingly, is dominated by women — 25% of women say they use it compared to just 5% of men. The same is true for Instagram (16% to 10%).

Men actually outnumber women on Twitter by the narrowest of margins (18% to 17%), and are more than twice likely to use Reddit (8% to 4%).

Information from both studies was collected in May of 2013. Oh, and what was the social media usage five years ago? It was just 30% of women and 28% of men, in case you were wondering.