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10 Fun Tips to Prevent Academic Regression During Summer Break

Author: Zack Varela
Published: June 01, 2012 at 8:09 pm

Summer regression is a real problem that students, parents, and teachers face every year.  You can break your head trying to find fun, engaging activities to do with your kids to keep them learning. Oh, not to mention you are on a budget. You need the right balance of fun, cheap, and educational tasks. Try out these cool summer tips to keep your children’s imaginations flowing like a front yard water sprinkler.

1. Puppet show. All you need are a couple of old socks that don’t have a partner anymore and some craft supplies you have around the house. There is no situation that a good pair of googly eyes and some yarn can’t handle. Pick your favorite story and set up a bed sheet or cardboard box stage. Have you kids retell the story for family or a plush animal audience. This will reiterate your kid’s story recall skills and comprehension.

2. Newscast. This is a great idea for older kids. All you will need is a youtube account and a video camera. Most smartphones come with a video recording application. Encourage your kids to watch or read age appropriate news and retell it. Borrow some news room costumes from mom and dad's closet and get ready to go live. This will boost your child’s ability to analyze and comprehend non-fiction texts.

3. Get Cooking. This idea is great for all ages. Go online and find a age appropriate recipe. Think about making some summer punch or a knock out pasta salad. Take your confection to your next summer picnic or party. Cooking is a fun and easy way to teach measurement. This will help your child with basic math skills set and capacity measurement.

4. Garden. This is another great idea for all ages. Odds are you have plenty of seeds sitting in your kitchen. You can practically raid your pantry for fruits, nuts, and berries. Make a special place in your backyard or start a small garden indoors with some plastic cups. Gardens are an awesome way to teach kids the life process and the life cycle. This helps your child get a better understanding about life sciences and making hypotheses.

5. Act up. If the puppet show was too juvenile for your older kids this idea should strike the right chord. Get a group of friends together and find a favorite book or movie that you could write and alternative ending to. Make some costumes out of what you have in your closet and some hot glue and let the curtain fall. Theater is a great way to build teamwork and foster creative writing.

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